Smiley Hand Organization Tanzania

Visit the school and the Maasai Boma

If you are visiting Tanzania and passing to Mto Wa Mbu you can contact us to come and take a look to the Pre Primary school Enyorata, the school is open in the morning up to 12.00 AM and situated near Lamnyaki Maasai boma.

In the village you can listen to the story of the Masai tribe told by one of their chiefs.

You can visit the Boma and enjoy their dance, meet and talk with the women, turn on the fire and eating their traditional food with them in the Savannah.

You can sleep in one boma or in a tent and wake up in the middle of the Maasai village. It's an unforgettable experience.

Click here for our video about Maasai life.

For more information you can send us an email at or call us at +255628009836 (Nicola) +255788883408 (Mathew)