Smiley Hand Organization Tanzania

Scholarship program

The Scholarship program aims to give the possibility to children who would not be able to attend primary school classes (Primary school from class 1 to class 7) and secondary schools (Secondary school from Form 1 a Form 4) to get the necessary tools to defend by their own tomorrow rights and those of their own community.

Sending a small Maasai boy to school means saving him from a sad destiny: becoming and remain a shepherd of goats and cows for life.

For girls the matter is even more delicate because in Africa, Tanzania and in the county of Arusha above all, although the practice is illegal, female genital mutilation is a common practice.

To ensure an educational path for a Maasai girl means saving her from a combined marriage at a very young age and from the horrendous practice of infibulations.

You can download our scolarship program here.