Smiley Hand Organization Tanzania

Activities 2018

During this year first activity, thanks to an Italian association, to private donors from Italy Spain and France, Smiley Hand Organization Tanzania has bought 18 desks (with metal structure and wooden sitting) for the School Enyorata.

In May we bought two desks and a metal closet, we paid the water bill both for the Baraka community and the school.

In July we brought a School Enyorata's child to KCMC Hospital of Moshi, so that she could undergo a proper eye examination, medical tests, exams and medicines.

In July we started the school’s painting works, with synthetic paint, water paint, rolls. As in all the Tanzanese schools, we painted the outside walls with educational drawings, we placed wooden sticks on the walls for hanging drawings, a wooden shelf for

school material and a new blackboard, we organized the coming back of the child from KCMC Hospital of Moshi to Mto Wa Mbu, a disable child from Baraka community living in Pambazuka Africa Special Center Education COMWEX/Mto Wa Mbu,

In July we bought the curtains for School Enyorata.

Smiley Hand Organization Tanzania pays the wages for the 2 teachers and the cooker of the School Enyorata, and the fruit for the breakfast of the children.

We found out two private Italian donors that will pay the school fees and all the other costs for two orphan Maasai children of Baraka who have been enrolled in Sasa Primary School in Kigongoni.

We found a private French donor that is helping the family of a Maasai Child of Baraka that is attending the baby class in Baraka.

We changed 250 meters of the pipeline bringing water to Baraka community.

We worked with more than 20 volunteers in our projects.

We started the collaboration with the Primary School of Baraka and Ngalawa School of Mto Wa Mbu, our volunteers teach English and ICT in both schools, bringing school material and knowledge in order to improve the school environment and level of education.