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Happy days - Reusable fabric pads for women

Project: Happy days - Reusable fabric pads for women

In Africa and obviously also here in Tanzania a pack of 10 commercial menstrual absorbents costs about 2 euro. Its too expensive for most of girls and women that can't attend classes or work because during the menstrual period are forced to use old fabrics and other not hygienic materials to contain the menstrual period.

The use of these materials often leads to serious bacterial infections and diseases, these diseases cause medical costs that they can't afford and problems that can badly affect reproductive health.

Receiving an education and working is fundamental to improve women's possibilities and living conditions: on one hand it protects women from discrimination, domestic violence, rape and, on the other, allow them to obtain respect from their family, husband and from the community.

Within the community, a woman who has received an education and has a job will be aware of her rights and may help other women to feel and be free.

Starting from June 2019 Smiley Hand Organization Tanzania will begin to distribute some reusable and antimicrobial fabric sanitary napkins in a fabric bag that will contain a kit composed as follows: two shields (towel holder) eight fabric absorbents, two pairs of panties, soap and a small towel. The pads will last at least for 2 years. The small bag will also contain a small illustrative brochure in Swahili with information on feminine hygiene, reproductive health and other information on puberty.

A second part of the project concerns the production of these kits.

Based on the results and the response obtained with the first part of the project, we will involve the seamstress in charge of manufacturing the pads in the first phase, in a training course for women interested in starting a small business.

A third phase includes a microcredit project that will  provide the funds necessary for the start-up of activities by the women concerned through a loan of honor that will be repaid through the production of the bag kits for the NGO, see first phase of the project.

The amount of money necessary is small because the materials needed for the project are a simple sewing kit and fabric.

What we ask you is to support the three phases of this project by purchasing these kits.

A complete kit costs 20 euro and with this amount we hope to support all three phases of the project.